The gripe zone

I think it is time for a list. I can feel myself getting too fussy. A little fussiness gives our family impetus and creative energy, but too much gets me into (cue music. Da da da dum…) THE GRIPE ZONE

remember, self, you have the following to love:

  • Honeysuckle vines on my front porch on a clear, quiet warm August night
  • Lawn mower in the distance
  • Chocolate fondue. I’m Definitely going to ask for a fondue pot in heaven, if it’s allowed. I think the Bible says we’ll eat, but just for fun.
  • Laying in front of the fan when I’m hot
  • Greeting hubby after work
  • The way my dogs wag their tails and hang their tongues out when we play
  • Happy barks
  • My grandson’s giggles
  • Sweet peas
  • Sugar ants. They are so busy and happy and productive. Perseverance. They won’t fight you if you’re big, but only death will make them quit. #wannabethat
  • Warm breezes
  • The ocean. Any season. Any day. Love it. I would like to live there.
  • Wise old grandmas and grandpas with spectacles and smile wrinkles. Love that.
  • Yoga with Adrienne. Love that girls ❤️ vibe. #modestandmoderate
  • Fighting and Making up.
  • Being married to my best friend
  • Getting through a hard thing and finding out I’m stronger than I thought. (#pandemic #divorce #infidelityorpornaddiction )
  • Being old enough to know which things to freakout about
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Zucchini patches in the strong 💪 lifegiving sunshine 🌞
  • Washing the car in my wheelchair with my dogs when it’s hot. How Hunter likes to try biting the water, drinking it and then barking hysterically.
  • Smell of pavement after rain
  • Humming dishwasher and wiped off counters, food put away, cup of tea
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Hearing an airplane fly over

2 responses to “The gripe zone”

  1. A wonderful list. Thank you for sharing. Take care.


    1. There are so many things to love. Blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

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