Once again I have. not. accomplished x…y…z
What is wrong with me? grrrr!

I have several days off and on when I lose track of time.  I have theories about why. 

I will not discuss them here.

The thing I taught my children is :

if it makes you feel like quitting and like you need to be ashamed—then it’s not God. 

God makes you feel like a million bucks. 

Even when He gives correction, it’s always very specific. 

You did THIS.

  it results in THIS. 

Do THIS specific action now. 


make THIS specific change

to your lifestyle.

If you just feel like a worm

and you should give up….that’s not God.

Gonna take a slice of my own advice.

I’m just gonna keep going. Take it in my stride.

  Overall I am getting more consistent, right?
Here we go. 

Rebooting after Failure

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