is Alone the same as lonely?

I am an introvert.

That is inalienably and unalterably true about me.

DEFinitely how I came out of the shute.

This means that I get energy from being by myself.

okay, so

How do I live out God’s command to love?

um….There it is

in the Bible

over and over.

Love sort of requires more than one person. It’s like a given or something, right? (except for God who has that trinity thing going on.)

Father, You’re the one who made me like this. I need some guidance here. I’ve got to stop criticizing myself

and instead start finding out how to be me in the light of scripture.


Pray. That command is an introvert’s dream, basically.

Write. a very by myself activity

One on one–

Facebook Chat. Blogging. this is the perfect venue for me.

I enjoy People In very Very small doses.

Like one at a time.

Monitor myself. How is my energy?

plan for alone\recharge time if I choose to be with people for some reason. (Like after my daughter comes to visit. Or after church ⛪ if we ever get to go back there again.🌻after Celebrate Recovery meeting).

could this be why I am often strangely relieved by being chronically ill?

Autoimmune stuff…..Heart problems…..

It’s not as bad as all that.

It gives me an EXCUSE to be much alone.

I want to avoid judging myself and instead look for ways to do what God says.

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