Screeching brakes.  Smashing glass. Smoking tires.

I was planning to go away to the beach for my 🎂birthday.

Ocean view room


Budgeted out

Antipated for months.

You know?

It was going to be the first time I saw my brother since my dad died   that’s TWELVE count em–twelve years. (there was a big snafu with a crime he committed against my child and stuff. People taking sides.  Not knowing what to think.  Family drama.)

I was excited about it.

I had talked hubby into it.  I was gonna make it happen!

No kids.

My girlfriends were scared for me.

Like that.

Two weeks before my birthday….

Our car caught on 🔥
Cancelled motel.

Changed plans.

Stuck in the house still.

Hubby had to fix it.

$500 in parts later…here we are.

I took it as a big “NO: you’re not ready to see him”, from God.

(my girl friends were so relieved 😌)

I accept it, but it smarts.   You know?

 Grown up tax. Big time.

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