Bottom line. 🌻

I have trouble being consistent with my reading plans.

Thorn in my side.

I think it’s partly a pride thing.  I want to be all holy and perfect, you know?

NOT. Not gonna happen.  Not at this juncture.
Anyway, God was talking to me about my memory issues (a lot of schleroses in the right side of my brain) and lifelong (unrelated?) consistency issues.

Nailed me.  which is just, by the way, Exactly like Him.

Precisely what I was thinking.

You know that scene in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan is telling Tom Hanks why she loves the guy she is emailing, which is actually him but she doesn’t know it?

you’ve got mail

Like that.

God can speak through Balaam’s ass, right?

He can use whatever devotional reading day I’m on next.

He wrote it.

He knows it back to front.

Wherever I’m at is good enough.

Yes, I need to work toward consistency.

And I will, God helping me,

but I can relax.

He’ll get me there.

It’s His show, right?

He can use whatever.  He’s a genius.


Published by strawberry0043

i am married to my best friend. I love Jesus more than life. I have an autoimmune disorder. I have joyfully born five children and been pregnant with seven. I have a disabled child. I have a mentally ill family member who abused my child and lied about it. I have one prodigal child who I may never see again.💚 I enjoy dealing with life as it is, not as it should be.💚 I have been unhappily and happily married to one man since 1995 (thank heaven!) I want to encourage💚 share hope in my world💚 Remind us and equip us to live in this difficult century. 💚June 2020

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