A little balance

I   💕💕💕💕   being fifty.

Well, okay, most of the time.

the upside of being half a century old:

  • I know mostly.which things to freak out about.
  • That list is shorter than ever. (Well, okay, the reason is often that said unpleasant things have already happened to me at least once, and I lived through it with Jesus. But still.)
  • I’m not afraid of much.  See above.
  • I’m done with menopause.  ✔ Whew!  Being a woman is work. Although you do often get to have babies, which is wonderful.  🌻
  •  I am no longer afraid of spiders, mice, or paperwork.  Been there.  Done that.  Networking. ✔  Perspective.  ✔  Patient endurance. ✔


I have wrinkles………….. But i know how to look pleasant and supportive.  And how much people want someone to be nice to them and smile.


I have saggy parts…………..But I have a beautiful heart.

(And  there are control top panty hose and spanx.  I mean, right?)

Yes:   Hard and\or scary things happen in my 🌎  ………But I’ve been through hard stuff before and I know how to trust Jesus.



Also, I know that said unpleasantness will stop ✋ hurting with time; and I will be left only with some wisdom, some humility and the remarkable love of people and God that came because of that difficulty.

(That’s a God thing.  He’s magic and a genius.)

I see a lot of women bemoaning their lost youth.  And getting expensive stuff done to their bodies in an effort to ✋ the ⏰.

I just wanted to add a little balance.  🌻

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