ER trip

Oh my socks you guys!  I just finally GOT something!

Know what I mean?
Happy dance inside.  Grin.

One type of happy dance?

Let me set this up:

I had to take my adult special needs daughter to the ER today for a possible fracture.

She fell off her scooter. Hurt her leg badly.

ER visit. Drama. Exhausted. Long waits. You know, probably.

Hubby and I were trying to help her manage her pain tonight at 9pm and midnight and 1:25 am. Hard for her to live it. Hard for Moms and Dads to watch. (MAJOR. dawn. Patrol. You know?)

She was still in terrible pain.  Wanting us to fix it. Desperate.  Crying.  You know?  The first night after a big injury Is always so hard.

I had given her all the Tylenol and ibuprofen I could without hurting her stomach or liver.

We think it is broken but there was so much fluid at the site that the Dr could not see to cast it.
So.  Rest.  Ice. Compression. Elevation.  You know?  We get more x-rays soon. Then cast and heal completely.

It just has to wait. 

It will heal using the wisdom of time

and God’s mysterious processes.

Patience does not come as an easy lesson.

(i did not say any of that to my girl. We just helped her move to her bed and propped her leg up with pillows. She went to sleep finally.)

I was looking at my youversion devo tonight.  Needing strength from Jesus. desperately.

And (drum roll please)

I just suddenly got why God has taken so long to heal some stuff in my heart.  Gnarly stuff.  Like abuse and divorce and failure and shame and addiction.

It just has to wait.

It will heal using the wisdom of time

and God’s mysterious processes.

I gotta blog this.  I am so encouraged! I thought He was not being careful of me, and that I just had to suck it up.  you know?

Delighted to be WRONG this time.
How’s that?
Feels pretty darn good to me.

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