Things to love 🌷

  • Baking 🍪
  • How my dog 🐕 takes a nap in a puddle of sunlight
  • Hot pot – how did I ever live without this?
  • Porch swings
  • Made bed
  • Epsom salt bath🛁 great for bedtime autoimmune aches
  • Princess Bride

  • Zucchini patches
  • The sound of slicing veggies
  • Wendy’s taco salads
  • Cheese-endless variety
  • Hot buttered popcorn. The smell!
  • Sound of a fan running
  • Leverage.  Love that show.
  • Cups of fragrant, steaming ☕
  • Lavender
  • Big friendly hugs


Just sayin’.

Philippians 4:8, for goodness sake!

Yeah right–A.A.

“I’ll pray you get better and that this will all come to an end”

Ummm does this bring me any real, lasting comfort?

I suppose it’s better than “kiss my grits” or “go spit in the ocean”—but seriously?

I try to be kind because I don’t want to be a jerk. But seriously guys…

I don’t need a new heart that beats correctly

or not to have MS

or to be twenty again

Jesus I need a better attitude. I think that’s my biggest problem.

These statements always fall short of offering any real comfort. Though they sometimes carry partial truths—since it’s good and right to pray for healing and better circumstances—they can also reinforce the misleading idea that our greatest problem is our suffering, and the removal of it would be God’s greatest blessing.

Kristin Wetherton and Sarah Walton youversion Devo

Just sayin.

You gotta help me God 🙏

I cannot do this all by my selfies.


Keep the main thing: the main thing.

Focus. Balance. Perspective.

Being sick for ten years has helped me to see things as they are.




It’s so much easier to keep things straight

And see what really matters

and face my need for Jesus

When I’m suffering.

Not that I would choose it.
I like working in my garden and walking my dog or driving around doing errands or having lunch with a friend or even grocery shopping
As much as anybody
But God in his wisdom has debited those pleasures out for now.

What do I have left?


That’s not a bad place to be.

Have mercy on us Father.

My prodigal


That’s the word I’m getting.

Echoing in my brain

like a concussion grenade, actually.

Jesus help me.  Aaaaaaa! (Freak out).

I need YOU now.
Come to Me,

All you who are weary and burdened,

And I shall give you 


Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me–
For I am gentle and humble in HEART ❤

And you will find rest

 for your souls.

That’s in Matthew.

Loneliness lessons

But—and I still find this surprising, and wonderful—over these lonely years I have discovered within me a thankfulness for the lonely road I have been given to travel. Walking it has brought me a greater understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and to know him not only as my Savior, but my comfort, sustainer, hope, and strength.

Kristin Wetherell and Sarah Walton

YouVersion devo today

Loneliness is a good teacher

Kind of like Mrs G in highschool.

She was the BEST 

But hard.  Exacting. 

 Learn or flunk into oblivion with detentions to boot.  

I want to learn like that from loneliness.

You know what I mean?  Yep.🌻

A little balance

I   💕💕💕💕   being fifty.

Well, okay, most of the time.

the upside of being half a century old:

  • I know mostly.which things to freak out about.
  • That list is shorter than ever. (Well, okay, the reason is often that said unpleasant things have already happened to me at least once, and I lived through it with Jesus. But still.)
  • I’m not afraid of much.  See above.
  • I’m done with menopause.  ✔ Whew!  Being a woman is work. Although you do often get to have babies, which is wonderful.  🌻
  •  I am no longer afraid of spiders, mice, or paperwork.  Been there.  Done that.  Networking. ✔  Perspective.  ✔  Patient endurance. ✔


I have wrinkles………….. But i know how to look pleasant and supportive.  And how much people want someone to be nice to them and smile.


I have saggy parts…………..But I have a beautiful heart.

(And  there are control top panty hose and spanx.  I mean, right?)

Yes:   Hard and\or scary things happen in my 🌎  ………But I’ve been through hard stuff before and I know how to trust Jesus.



Also, I know that said unpleasantness will stop ✋ hurting with time; and I will be left only with some wisdom, some humility and the remarkable love of people and God that came because of that difficulty.

(That’s a God thing.  He’s magic and a genius.)

I see a lot of women bemoaning their lost youth.  And getting expensive stuff done to their bodies in an effort to ✋ the ⏰.

I just wanted to add a little balance.  🌻