Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻

We could pre-decide that we’re going to choose people over policies and relationships over rules.  What if…

…we exhibited patience?
…we chose not to be offended?
…we quit taking everything so personally?
..we changed the degrading way we talk to others?
…we focused on what we did have in common?
…we chose the big picture?

Let’s not forget that God so loved…the world. Every single soul on this planet, past, present, and future,

YouVersion devo today on loving folks I disagree with


Flip side

Twenty-five years ago, I turned my big brother in to the authorities for abusing. He was sentenced to prison for 11 years

I have never really been sorry .

I was today.

When my oldest kids judged and excluded me from something.

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This must be how my Mom felt. She’s in heaven.

I Get it now.

I did do the right thing.

I would still do it because of my little cousin.

But I would be a lot nicer about it.

Less bull in a china shop more kind compassionate.

Moral high ground….

It’s lonely there.

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I’m sorry I hurt you.

I could have been part of your healing. Maybe I can still.

But I wasn’t then. Sooooo obsessed with justice!

Its a big thing to forgive me for, I know.

I kinda know what Joseph meant now.

You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good, to accomplish the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20

Moral high ground: you gotta have it,


it’s not all its cracked up to be.

Bright side 🌞

​Morning nap...I never used to get those before MS.

I slept good.

Dreamed I was on Making the Cut with MacGyver and the girl scout matron bad lady from Troop Zero.

I killed it.  Pretty much.

Broke out my high school embroidery stitches:

  • daisy stitch
  • French knot
  • Satin stitch was WAY too O.P.
  • They were all STILL impressed
  •  and I taught a class to everyone in the dream.


Except MacGuyver who (unsurprisingly) already knew the stitches.

I mean, right?

Just sayin’

I actually remember doing the stitches in the dream.  My French knots NEVER worked that smoothly in real life.  They were flippin’ PERFECT.  (FRENCH KNOTS ARE HARD!  You have to wind the thread tightly around your needle three times and then back next to the exact same hole you came out of.  Remember?)

It was a good dream. Pretty much.

Safe place

Early morning waking.

It’s part of grief.

I used to dread it. But this time around I’m older and wiser. Pain is my friend.

Jesus will teach me wisdom and humility through this loss of a health, a child, a grandchild…..maybe a marriage, a future, a dream that can never be now….

If I will ask Him. And keep asking Him.

by Frank Morrison.