Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻

​We could pre-decide that we’re going to choose people over policies and relationships over rules.  What if… …we exhibited patience? …we chose not to be offended? …we quit taking everything so personally? ..we changed the degrading way we talk to others? …we focused on what we did have in common? …we chose the big picture? Let’sContinue reading “Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻”

Bright side 🌞

​Morning nap…I never used to get those before MS. I slept good. Dreamed I was on Making the Cut with MacGyver and the girl scout matron bad lady from Troop Zero. I killed it.  Pretty much. Broke out my high school embroidery stitches: daisy stitch French knot Satin stitch was WAY too O.P. They wereContinue reading “Bright side 🌞”

Safe place

Early morning waking. It’s part of grief. I used to dread it. But this time around I’m older and wiser. Pain is my friend. Jesus will teach me wisdom and humility through this loss of a health, a child, a grandchild…..maybe a marriage, a future, a dream that can never be now…. If I willContinue reading “Safe place”