sleeping bags and potato salad

Family reunion. I mean, right?

The family line of David–all the cousins and aunts and uncles. There for this census. Griping about politics and catching up with the fam.

Homemade challah and potluck tuna salad and board games and skits.

Don’t you think?

Like how a family funeral of someone really old turns into a reunion with stories and laughter.


you’re unwed and pregnant under mysterious circumstances. (That used to be a HUGE deal, remember.)

Then you might end up sleeping in the barn and having your first baby with only your poor clueless hubby who doesn’t know much except to boil some water.

I hope Mary had at least attended a few family birthings. My heart goes out to them.

It tenders me to the holy family.

I know about family rejection. Hurts Like. A. Dog. Like. A. Dog.

I want to give her a big gramma hug.

Just sayin.

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