Find, focus, speak, pray, give 🌻

Prayer: Lord God, show me where in my life I am foolish, where I am naive, and where I can become wise. Help me to discern what is true, and to listen to the wise and Godly people in my life. Help me to become the kind of person I would want to marry.

–YouVersion devo today

I’m already married.  But I want my mans heart to be able to be safe with me. 🌻

He needs my RESPECT.  I will see to it that I respect him.  Out of reverence for Christ. I Peter 3.
But he doesn’t deserve it!  My flesh fusses and fumes at me.  I of all people know my man’s weak points.  He has let me down many times. (As I have let him down in my turn, just on different subjects. 25 years, remember.)

I can find things that are respectable, and focus on them, speak them out, pray for him, and give him respect.  I can be a good daughter of Sarah, who respected Abraham and called him lord, even though he sold her into another man’s bed to save his own skin! (Look it up.  He did.)
Help me Jesus.  I am a mess and I live in a culture that rewards messes. I come from a man-hating family.  I am vulnerable to the ancient self-aggrandizing, I-know-best-dont-tell-me-what-to-do message of the women’s movement.
I need You. 🌻

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