1. 🍪 chocolate chip cookies
  2. Forest hikes
  3. Mountain hikes, when other people do them and take pics
  4. Eggs.  Did you ever think about how beautiful and useful they are?  You can do like a thousand things with eggs.
  5. Waiting for seeds to grow.
  6. snuggling in Fuzzy blankets
  7. Sunday funnies
  8. Recipe videos.  Current fave Chef John foodwishes
  9. How cats curl up to sleep with their tails over their noses
  10. My instant pot.  Oh my socks! You forgot to soak your beans?  No problem. Your meat is frozen granite? No problem.
  11. My grandma.  Comfy sparkly homely wisdom and love.
  12. Getting through a hard thing together ❤

Count it the sequel 🌻

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