Thankful 9-1-1

Father God.  Jesus.

in the power of the Holy Spirit,

I am remembering things:

  • The first time I held my babies in my arms.  Love at first sight, babe.
  • That squeaky cheese from Bandon.  Fresh. Unaged.
  • Dish soap bubbles.
  • Pizza with pepperoni and pineapple 🍕
  • Taco salad from Wendy’s
  • Queen Anne’s Lace and wild sweet peas in July
  • Planting a garden
  • Sand between my toes, Sun 🌞 shining, salty wind blowing my hair, pant legs rolled up, looking at shells and rocks in the water.   Bliss.  I’m gonna live by the beach in heaven if it’s allowed.
  • Carpet picnics and blanket forts
  • Realizing one day that I was over my first husband leaving me…I just have the wisdom and kindness left now
  • Getting ice 🍦 cream with someone I love
  • Playing board games with my auntie, uncle and cousins
  •  Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
  • Red yellow and orange tulips in a vase
  • Having fights and then making up
  • Shopping at thrift stores
  • Youth groups…so much energy!
  • Echurch
  • Marbles clicking together ❤
  • 🐕 smiles

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