Why tigers pace: I understand now

I understand now.

I never thought I would use my mental skills 

Which I’ve honed as a shut in

For anything

I got sick about eight years ago.

Had to stop driving 

Had to stop going to church (short term memory is gone.  Who are you again?  Oh I’ve asked you that every week for six months? Yikes.)

Had to stop cooking by myself (did I put the salt in?  Can’t leave the stove to go potty, because… Fire hazard)

Flat on my back most of the time. 🌻

My friends helped a lot the first year.  But they got tired and have their own lives, you know?

There are mental muscles that we use to calm ourselves.

Give ourselves permission not to care. In a good way.


Slow down.

Those muscles.


focus down

Here I’ll show you

  1. My dogs patient liquid calm gaze
  2. Crunchy things:  chips, toast, celery, nuts
  3. Baby volunteer plants.  Even weeds are cute when they’re babies (instructive thought)
  4. Binge watching with popcorn
  5. Ears and tails.  Even in wild life footage.  You notice how much personality is there?
  6. Making play dough.  Oh my gosh you have to try this. Google it.
  7. Making bread (play dough for grown ups)
  8. Candlelight
  9. Mud puddles
  10. Morning quiet
  11. Yoga breaths
  12. Peanut butter

How do you feel now?

let’s us practice

shall we?

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