Grief reboot 😓

Early morning waking.  Sucks monkey bananas.  

I know I’m not the only person who feels this; I can’t be.  Father, I want to help people.  I also really want to get past this pain.  I need You.  

Help. Me to reboot my heart. 

I need a miracle.  I have seen You do impossible stuff  before.  

I believe You to do it again.

Thank You that I still have you Jesus.

  You are the most wonderful Person I have ever come in contact with.  #too good to be true

I love You.

these also help:

 Sub sandwiches with all the veggies

 puppy dog hugs 🐕

Flowers.  Thank You God.  Who would know if You made them all beige and smelling like air freshener?  

Good worship songs. 

Biofreeze.  Oh my socks helps with muscle aches so MUCH.

Smell of honeysuckle 

Jerry Lewis.  Cinderfella.  favorite part

Instant pots. 🍲

Clean stand-up comedy.  jim gaffigan

The marriage bed.  💒 Like coming home for my heart.  Healing.

Water. 🌊🚿🏄🚽🏂🏊🚰 So much power for good.

Tea.  ☕ That genial beverage. 

Coming out of my tent the first morning of a camping trip.  Morning light blessing all it touches.  Clean.  Quiet.  Fresh.  Breathe….

Christmas 🎄 morning. 

Baking cookies. 🍪 Smell!  Warm fuzzy creative power

Jim Henson’s muppets. trailer: The Great Muppet Caper

Published by strawberry0043

i am married to my best friend. I love Jesus more than life. I have an autoimmune disorder. I have joyfully born five children and been pregnant with seven. I have a disabled child. I have a mentally ill family member who abused my child and lied about it. I have one prodigal child who I may never see again.💚 I enjoy dealing with life as it is, not as it should be.💚 I have been unhappily and happily married to one man since 1995 (thank heaven!) I want to encourage💚 share hope in my world💚 Remind us and equip us to live in this difficult century. 💚June 2020

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