Enough. 🌻

I’m done apologizing …

…for neglect and abuse of my children when I was younger, and in the throes of my crazy addicted life.  

I’ve decided that tonight.

I think this is a good move for me.  

I’m listening hard to God about it.

I am deeply painfully and abjectly sorry for my mistakes as a young mother, of course.  Who isn’t: no one I want to have ☕ with, thank you very much. 😁


I don’t think I’m in danger of forgetting that.  Ever.

But you know what?

I’m done crying…

over this;

time to move on.

I still have three kids here, who WANT to connect with me.

I still have a home and a man who needs\loves me.  

I have Jesus. Always.🌻
It’s enough.

I’m gonna let my two oldest prodigals get their own stuff together.

Or not.

It’s up to them.

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