Flashbacks part seven

my counselor asked me a good question:

how am I doing with Making peace with my past?



Baby steps

my Flash backs are way less 😑 upsetting

 since I started making friends with them

 instead of trying to shut them up.

  My past is like a very ugly, wounded and snarky friend.  It just needs to be loved.

mostly By me. 🌻 

Remember the story of Beauty and her Beast?

Like that.

  1. ​since I Stopped fighting them.
  2. since I am Trying to learn from them
  3. since I am Talking about them.

  • Blog. (12th step)
  • Counselor
  • God. (Prayer)

I want to 

Breathe through them

Like a contraction

They are there to teach me wisdom and humility

So I can give birth to something beautiful.?



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