Things I love 9-1-1

  • Can’t go to my friend’s little girl’s Avon party
  • gulp.  More bills than paycheck
  • Hours cut because of that virus in China that we do a lot of business with.
  • Hiring freeze, so our son has to wait for his first job.  💔


I’m a leeeetle stressed out.

Time for a list.

  • Bubbles.  Who thought of that? God?  Fun.  Cheap.  Whimsical
  • Crackling fire
  • fresh Popcorn.  From smell to consumption.  Delightful.
  • My faithful 🐕 dogs 💕
  • Baking.  I’m trying this if I can get up today. buttermilk biscuits with chef Lena
  • Pumpkin EVERYTHING
  • Pancakes for dinner
  • Sea shells. So perfect.  I love how You can hear the sea in them too.
  • Getting a coke with my man. 🌻
  • The Bible, thrift stores and classified ads #grownuptreasurehunt
  • Sitting on a blankey in the sun with a book
  • Parks and swing sets
  • Those little daisies that volunteer in my yard
  • Crockpot suppers

🌻💚 Thank You God.  I love You too. ☕😍

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