For those who regret and obsess over it šŸ’•

ANATOMY OF A FLASHBACK REBOOT 25 years ago.  Twenty-four. new single mom. New job…. Running around town while babysitting (!)  for a lady from church. Car broke down. —Later I found out it just ran out of gas (!!)  (This was in the days before cell phones.)  Left (!!!) three toddler and preschool kids locked in my car in the middle of the street (!!!) while I walked to a phone.
My boss, of course, chewed me up one side and down the other when she found out. I got fired, of course, which was a big deal for a single mom with a toddler trying to get off welfare. But what’s worse is that I did not know I had done anything foolish. I can’t believe that. How could I do that? Disassociated. That’s what.  Clueless.  “Those poor kids! I’m so stupid I’m so stupid I’m so stupid. I’m so stupid… ” JesusWait! Stop!  Remember yesterday? Brene Brown… 
Shame cannot survive being  spoken Because shame requires you to believe you’re  alone  In order to maintain its  power.
Guilt says “I made a mistake.”   Shame says, “I am a mistake.”
 I’m so glad nothing happened!  It could have been so much worse! Thank you Jesus!
…starting to beat myself up again…….Car wreck. Manslaughter. Kidnapping. Prison. DHS. Lost custody… . I can’t believe I did that….sooooo much worse than my boss balling me out (deserved) over the ā˜Ž…… Jesus: Stop little one. Deep cleansing breath.
  • The past is the past.  You must pay the consequences, but I am here for that too. šŸ’•
  • Beating yourself up does nothing.  for nobody.  Nohow.
  • Learn wisdom from pain.
  • Learn humility from mistakes.
  • Hang on to Me. (Jesus, not happydisabledmom) We’ll get through this.šŸŒ»
  • I’ve got a plan.  I can work this in too. Believe it or not. Jeremiah 29:11.

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