Back to the drawing board

I haven’t made a list for awhile.

It’s important.

  • The way my little dog snuggles down under a blanket with someone he loves and trusts
  • The innocence on my grandson’s face
  • Scrabble
  • Waiting for spring
  • Ornamental cherry trees
  • A deep cleansing breath
  • Parchment paper
  • Take n bake pizza
  • Iced tea–genius
  • NIVUK with Hercule Poirot reading 📚
  • Sun flowers tulips and feverfew — elegant and graceful and effortlessly lovely
  • CS Lewis Out of the Silent Planet read by Geoffrey Howard
  • Puffs and Nyquil and Sleepytime ☕
  • Fairytales–keep hope alive
  • Baking pies
  • Crackly fireplace on YouTube
  • Hugs and naps

Thank you Lord.  You didn’t have to make so many wonderful things.  Who would know?  

#extra work

But You did.  

I love how You are. 🌻💕☕

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