Grandma’s house

  • Washing dishes together and then “unlaxing” together in the front room with iced tea.
  • Having a race to get dressed, grandma knocking playfully on our shared closet wall…….. She always won.
  • Getting up early and crawling in bed with Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma telling stories about driving one of her family’s covered wagons out from Minnesota , scary mama pigs, rascally, funloving ol’ uncle Willis, thoughtful artistic Uncle Warren, interesting and mysterious aunt Vivian 
  • Learning to make meatloaf, hospital corners on beds, ironing Grandpa’s hankies with light starch
  • Playing pickup sticks and Chinese checkers with Grandma:………. I always won.
  • Getting up early to watch the deer take their babies down to daytime pasture.  One doe always had twins
  • Taking walks up on the hill with Grandpa to check on the spring.  Picking wildflowers on the way back down.  Grandpa always knew the names.  Bachelor buttons.  Bird bill.  Feverfew.
  • Playing records in the front room:  Rogers and Hammerstein’s, Jim Reeves, Jim Nabors, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. 
  •  Hearing Grandma singing along in the kitchen in her warbly soprano: I give myself very good advice, but I seldom ever follow it…..Mooooon-light and Roses: bring memories of you….Surrey with the friiiiiinge on the top…. Oklahama! where the wind comes sweepin’ down the lane.  Where the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet when the wind comes right after the rain…
  • Sitting over the heat register in the chilly morning. Letting it bell out my zip up bathrobe. 
  • Painting rocks with my cousin 
  • Watching my other cousin put on her makeup and fingernail polish.  Learning how to stop runs in pantyhose with nail polish
  • Gossiping and telling stories down in the travel trailer when my cousins were home on furlow

For all these bright jewels on my childhood string: I thank You Lord.

I do thank Thee. 🌻

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