Calm 🌻


Woke up hurting over my past. Flashbacks again.

Early morning waking.  It’s a part of grief work for me.

I opened my youbible app, and brought my pain to God’s word.

Like putting ointment on a burn.

God’s word sooths and calms my soul.


When the answer to your prayers is not on the horizon, when you don’t feel differently, you need to fight the good fight and say, β€œYou know what? God’s Word says it and that’s all the evidence I need. It is the evidence of things not seen, and I’m going to stand on that truth. I don’t care what the world says, I don’t care what circumstances say, I am going to fight the good fight of the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of what I do not see.”

And you stay with it until, as they say, β€œFaith turns to sight.”

*youversion devo today 

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