Work of heart 💚

​I know this is long, but it was sooo good you guys. Jesus help me to help people.  I am Not the only parent who’s blown it and now hurts.
 “Here’s a word of warning. It’s important to know that restitution does not necessarily mean that you will have a restored relationship with those you’ve hurt. 
” We often mistakenly believe that since we’ve conquered this issue in our minds and lives, it should now be conquered and removed from the minds and memories of those we’ve hurt.
 ” You know you’ve done wrong. You’re sorry. It’s all so clear to you now. So your children or others should simply forgive you and move on.
Wrong my friend.
 “…the truth is that if you are truly sorry for what you’ve done to them, you will understand that forgiveness—if it comes—and restoration—if it comes—will be on their time schedule. 
“They may need to go through several experiences that lift the pain off of their lives, one layer at a time, before they can even see clearly.  They may even need years to create a place for themselves where they feel safe enough to look at the issues your actions brought to their life.  It may be decades before they can even consider speaking to you.  They must take the time to heal. “
You need to own the fact that one of the repercussions of your actions may well be that reconciliation will never come.  And while you may long for restoration with this loved one, it is not yours to take. It is only theirs to give.  You have one job: pray and wait.
“The Really Good News Here’s the best part. If you’re feeling particularly burdened by the destruction you’ve brought into your child’s world and believe the situation to be hopeless, you need to know a powerful truth:
” Your child’s life and outcomes at this point are not dependent on you. What happens from here on out is up to him…. ” And Jesus. 🌻

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