They suck monkey bananas.

I’m not going to be able to babysit my grandchildren. 

I can’t trust my own brain to stay in the present and stay other-focused.  

Dissociative Identity Disorder


I sure can’t expect my kids to trust me with their babies.  That would just be foolish.

Is this just more self punishment?  self-pitying goofinesss? Lack of faith?

Nope. I think not.

There is real sin there.  I’ve got to own it.  Start out there.

Good intentions,


Ignorance of the damage I was causing my children, especially in the case of Disassociative Identity Disorder?


Can God heal it? 



I have no control over other people.  

  • And it takes time.  
  • And He doesn’t usually skip over consequences.  Not in my experience, anyway.
  • The damage is real.  I’ve got to face that. 

Start with the facts.  No bulloney.

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