Flashback nightmare🌻


Flashback nightmare.  Again.

How do I comfort myself without an addiction?  My mother is not here.  (Shoot.  Some of the flashbacks are about her.)

So.  I still have to get up and have my ☕.  How?

Rubber meets road.

Jesus i need You. I’ve got kids who need me.  I’ve got a job here.  I cannot give in.  I need some chutzpah.

There are no atheists in foxholes.  *

Turned to my Bible.  Ended up in Lamentations… support group for my soul.  I feel better.

Thank You God.  You get me. 🌻 

1954 September 9, The Daily Mail, Col. Kenneth E. Reecher Assuming Key Air Force Command in England, Start Page 1, Quote Page 8, Column 2, Hagerstown, Maryland. (Newspapers_com)

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