PTSD and psalm 31

Just woke up from a flashback nightmare.

Wasn’t sure what time it was or who was home.

I did know where I was: thank God for small mercies.šŸ˜¬

read Psalm 31–that Jesus quoted to himself during torture and death.

read my blog. (Sometimes I think I’m my own best follower)

Encourage myself, like David after the battle at Ziklag.

***David’s men are threatening to lynch him (and he’s lost his kids!)

Holy Spirit?

Please speak through my blog. Ā  I’m not the only one. Ā (@PTSD, war veterans, abuse survivors)

I would like to turn again and šŸ’Ŗ my peeps, like Jesus prayed for Peter the night before Peter blew it.

I need Your Word; Your magic stuff, Holy Spirit. Help me say this.

You are the great communicator right?

Like the great and powerful Oz.

Only for the reallies. šŸŒ» 31:19 NIV

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