Good and bad stuff


I know there are scary things in the 🌎

I’m not blind.

But there are not only scary things in the 🌎.  And a good God has in charge of it all.  Romans 8:28, right?

Thank you for the good and bad things that you’ve allowed in to our lives.🌻 I trust Your good plans and Your genius. 💚

Thank you for never leaving or forsaking us.

Thank you for dogs’ friendly ears and whiskey muzzles.

Thank you for Your sense of humor.  (#platypus #tails #comic relief)

Thank you for beautiful colors.  You could have made everything brown and puce.  How would anyone know the difference?  You just did that for love.

Thank You for mental illnesses, autoimmune diseases and broken feet.I trust Your great ❤ even though I don’t like it.

You are good.

You are with us.

You are a creative genius.


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