Family rejection

​He was despised

 and rejected by mankind,

 a man of suffering, 

and familiar with pain.

 Like one from whom people hide their faces

 he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

I sort of get this: do you too?  💛

My family rejected me because I reported a close family member to the police for sexual abuse.


I was heart broken.

Now as my oldest two kids judge and criticize me without mercy or understanding, it is all coming back.  




One of my kids has even wanted to become part of another family from his drama club.  Wealthy and with materialistic values.  They look good from the American dream’s standpoint guess.  They play board games and eat expensive cold cereal every day.  I get it, sort of.

‘Its so hot inside my soul\ I swear there must be blisters on my heart.’.  Line from a Rich Mullins song.

I get that.

Suffering would not be too strong a word for this feeling💔

Jesus must have felt some of this feeling.  There was an element of judging and rejection by his family to his suffering too.

‘Good Jewish boy hasn’t turned out very well.  Little weird the whole cannibalism thing and thinking He is God and stuff.  Poor Mary. ” 

Like that, I bet.

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