Good juju🌻

​from my YouBible devo by tauren wells today: 

“I’m not saying this in a religious way. I’m not saying this legalistically. Prayer is a relational imperative in the life of the believer. Sometimes we view prayer as a test for our discipline, but prayer is more than that. It is an indicator of the health of our relationship with God. Any relationship that exists without communication is unhealthy. Prayer guards our spirit. Prayer is a secret place, an uncelebrated place, at times a painful place, but it is a crucial place.  “

 I’m going to blog that

Paradigm shift for me today.

I’ve been putting PRAYER in the same category as DIET.

I hate diets.  They are unnatural.  Bad juju.  

I’d much rather make the healthiest food choices I can.
So how can I apply this to my prayer walk?


Thank you Jesus.  Good word.  Help me to take it in and grow. 🌻

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