Things I love 💘

  • Petting fluffy chicken 🐔 babies at Wilco in the spring the warm hay and dusty smell.
  • How my little dog likes to catch flies with his snapping jaws.
  • Washing dishes.  Warm soapy clean squeaky wiping counters.  Thinking of my grandma Dodson.
  • My cousin Twyla. #goodfriend #prayerwarrior
  • My Auntie.  Closest thing I have to a mom.  I’ll take it.
  • Lace curtains
  • Buying fabric
  • Libraries, thrift stores, yard sales.  #grown up treasure hunt.
  • Lemons.  Bright.  Sour.  fragrant. Endlessly useful.
  • Making biscuits. I’m really good t that now.  Makes me think of my mom.
  • Fuzzy blankets
  • Cocoa with three marshmallows floating in it.

Thank you God.  I love You too. 🌻

Deposit 🌻

…looking at my Youbible tonight.

I love their devotionals!  

This one was so good I just had to blog it.  

The good that God is working from the painful and crushing events of your life is the good that He is working in you. God is placing His glory in your life and is leaving a deposit of all that He is inside of you. We have erroneously assumed that “good” is what replaces “bad” with circumstances, such as health, happiness, and pleasure. However, God defines “good” as what makes you and I more like Jesus. 

Living with MS

I don’t have a right to expect special treatment because I’m sick.

God just suggested that.

I clash with the kids because I expect it, this special treatment. And because I expect to clash with them after our history of fighting over chores.



I’m not all that and a bag of chips.  I’m just a regular mom.

no need to feel sorry for myself.

I want a new attitude.

I still have to ask for help a lot.
but How?

Tell me Lord.

I’m listening.

Thank you for doing so much.  I’d love some.  Can you fit that in please?

You’re important.  I know you’re busy.  Your work is amazing.

Rubber and roads

God is always good, right? 
Out of the goodness in His heart.

 Because He’s just that kind of Guy.  

You know?


But.  Umm…​I was thinking of how challenging this is when people are fartheads.  Like when my teenagers are mouthy.

 I often lose it there.

 I think two things have helped me,  on the times when I have gotten it right:

 1.  Sense of humor and perspective.

 2.  Detachment.  Giving myself permission not to care\ de-moster-izing folks.

Do you know what I mean?


If perfect parenting was a guarantee that perfect children would result, well then you have been given the power to remove both the ability God gave them to think for themselves and the pull of sin on individuals in this fallen world. My, don’t you feel strong? Yet of course, none of us has such herculean capabilities, even though we might wish for them. God has ordained that His children and our children will have the pleasure and the risk of making their own decisions.

Engaging Today’s Prodigal by C Barnier

Things I love

  • Finding my fingernail file, the remote, or my spatula at long last.  So useful and cozy.  🌻
  • Cousins and aunts..girl talk\ sanctified gossip
  • The smell of dirt
  • Yard work on a dry, cool autumn day
  • Dishwasher humming in a quiet house
  • Freshly dusted and organized bookshelves
  • New babies
  • Friendly bald older guys
  • College campuses…full of promise and good memories
  • Smell of ocean breezes, baking bread or honeysuckle candles from Amazon
  • Warm fuzzy whimsical socks