Addiction: Recovery from failure

So many of us in the recovery world fear the 👻 of Relapse.  I would bring a little ease to this struggle if I can.
Jesus speak through me to bring good to my brothers and sisters now🌻

Ok. You know how new years resolutions kind of wear off?

Or something stressful comes down the pike and we jump, fall, or are pushed off the wagon?  (Well I guess we can’t be pushed off once we are grown folks, gotta take responsibility for my life, right?  But regardless, you know what I mean.  There we are.  In the ditch. It’s Cold.  Wet.  Slimey. and Miserable.  Capice?)


I was talking to God about it the last few days.  I have realized that I was doing it to myself.  My addiction du jour.  This morning I saw a part of it.  

This entry is already getting longer than folks will probably have time to read.  I will chop it up.  But suffice it to say for this blog entry.

It’s complicated.  There are layers there.

 Don’t you think?

So many times I look for a simple quick fix to my problem.  Even my terminology is telling right there.  Quick fix.

The problem isn’t quick or simple right?

It’s slow gradual, creeping and many-layered.

So the answer needs to be gradual, creeping and many-layered too.

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