Worth sayin

I just finished up a devo at YouBible.com

Rear Guard


Had to share.


“Confidence in Rescue” 

Trusting God requires faith and faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1) Although you might not be able to physically see how God is going to deliver and rescue you from the many challenges you face, remember to have faith and confidence that he will come through! God knows all and is aware of the rescue plan he has specifically designed for you. God is guarding you from every weapon formed against you. 

Often times believers experience circumstances that appear to be weapons of harm such as; disappointments, loss, rejection, sickness, betrayal or even loneliness, but even through that GOD continuously rescues each of his children. You might feel as though time is running out and that GOD will not rescue you, but have confidence in GOD, your rescuer, guard of all, body guard, rear guard and loving Father. GOD works on his time and he knows the right time and the right way to deliver you. Put your confidence in him, Praise him in advance for forever guarding you. 

GOD you are my guard and I thank you for revealing to me how much you love and care about my life. GOD you specifically put a rescue mission in place for each one of your children when you sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us. I am grateful and thankful for your true love. Help me to remember that you have and will always come through for every one of your children. To God be the Glory. In Jesus name, AMEN.


Isn’t that good?

your welcome. 😘

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