impatient and claustrophobic.

I was down town with Dillon yesterday and watching everyone walking around SHOPPING IN THE SUMMER SUN.  I miss walking. 💛.  took it for granted  guess.

I spend a loooooot of energy on just not freaking out and trying to keep a good attitude.  It’s like keeping your foot on the break when your car 🚗 is sitting on a hill…


I’m reading a book by TD Jake’s with my e-group at elevation church.  Called “Crushing”

I read something this morning. just a sec.  I want to type out this excerpt for you guys. It will take me a while. Just sec. 💛

Everything that has ever happened to you happened for a reason.

If we look back at the sprout that pushed itself through the ceiling of dirt above it, we arrive at the conclusion that we will understand the reasons behind our adversity when we arrive at the fruit-bearing stage….

Those areas and times in which the death of a dream, an assignment, or a vision seems to stalk your every move are nothing more than entrances into the next realm of your life. 
Do not run from them. 

Embrace them, because the proverbial death of what you are trying to keep alive will enrich the growth and lives of others. They form the soil and mulch that generate meaning from your mistakes…

” I encourage you to allow God’s prison of purpose in your life to do what it was intended to do: DEVELOP YOU INTO A STRONG VINE. “


(Emphasis mine)


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