βœ” in ABOUT πŸšš

I have found it to be helpful to know that my symptoms are normal.

Early morning waking.  This has been a part of grief work all of my life.  Betrayal, abandonment, shunning,  sudden unhappy changes: all the same feelings of the reality, of grief crashing in like a Mac truck when I first come awake.  (Often at around 3am.what is that?)

Two things occurred to me about this morning’s Mack truck as I was making my tea.

  •  blog, in case my words might help someone else.
  • reframe early morning waking.  It is not only unpleasant: it is also a chance to tell myself the truth.

My family is a mess. I’m terminally ill. It sucks.  Those things are true .  

And yet: does it follow that I must be permanently miserable? 

  • There are still my things to love.  Endless chosen delight.
  • God is still going to rescue and heal us.  It’s why He came. Isaiah 61-3
  • I can give to\share this with my Jesus.  I revel in that connection.  He gets it.  He’s my best Friend.  Always watching.   Always interested.   Always knows what to do.   Always knows all the history and loves us all.

I will let that early morning waking be my cue to REBOOT MY HEART. πŸ’› 

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