Trust the process

Holy Spirit, I ask Your help to say this:

I always thought of a test as a way to get God’s approval.

Like in school: please put your pencils down and turn your papers over.  I will come around and collect your tests.  You are dismissed.  Have a good weekend.


The test is the point and the process and the cure for what is wrong in my soul, not a way to prove what I know without being taught.  I don’t have to get 100 % or even 50%.  The test IS the process.

  To get personal for me, it IS failing when my kids were little and I was in the throes of addiction and mental illness.  It IS bankruptcy and loss of my dignity. It IS understanding how I’ve failed my children and how they must feel about it.  (Now that I’m flat on my back with this illness and forced to see things with the stark clarity that my enforced quietness provides.)

I can’t flunk

Trust the process.  Byron Kehlor

Even if I fail to hang onto Jesus, even THAT is resource material.  Look at Peter. I mean, this is his book ain’t it?

hold me Jesus,

Mullins song about discipline

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