My chance

My daughter called to say she and her lovely boyfriend are having a 🚼.  #thrilled!  

She further said that they are getting married in Hawaii, where my health 😬 and our finances will not allow us to attend.  

This is not what my very traditional self signed on for when the nurse put this lovely girl baby into my very shaky arms (52 hour labor.  Ugh) Of course. Who knows what is coming down the pike for them?  I’m glad we do not know; it’s an adventure.

  •  hidden generational sin and accompanying heart break
  • Prison and family betrayal
  • Personal mental illness
  • financial want
  • Christmas mornings
  • Easter egg hunts 
  • Pancake breakfasts
  • Extreme marital faithfulness 
  • Companionship of God

  it is what it is.  I accept my life, good and bad times, and I give thanks.  God is still good, and I trust Him. 💛

Upon reflecting, I completely support my Elizabeth and her Darcy snatching a moment of happiness for themselves.  I wish them a BEAUtiful memorable tropical heavenly day.  💛. 

This is not about her dad and me.  This special day needs to be about them.  

I give my blessing and best love joyfully.  I am thrilled for them.

That’s what.

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