Word from the wise

I have been reading TD Jake’s book Crushing with my married couples ‘ e-group at our church.I

I just have to share this!  So good!

🌻We must trust that something is growing.🌻

The presence of pain in your life isn’t a prophecy of your destruction. Rather, your troubles are a sign that He is preparing you for your arrival at a bright and cheerful ascent.

You are in the process of sprouting new life.

But I understand the difficulty in simply trusting Him.  When we’re burdened by distresses and overwhelmed by the urgent demands of life, we forget…💛

So encouraged.

I love our ⛪.  (elevation.com)

And I haven’t had a chance to feel that about a church since we were first married and lived on the Oregon coast.  ðŸ’› (twenty plus years)

I know it’s just a bunch of sinners saved by Grace.  I don’t put anyone up on a pedestal, and God preserve us  from ever thinking we’re all that and a bag of 🍟 again. 


I’ll take it. 

 Something has gotten healed in me.💛

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