Take a bath

I believe that MS is mainly about the immune system being overwhelmed by toxins and going crazy.

So I have been focusing on getting rid of toxins.

Yoga with its emphasis on the cleansing breath during stress or interactions

Lemon juice and lemon-epsom salt baths.  I keep some lemons and a fork to open them right there in my 🚻 rebooting closet.

Green tea.  Cascara sagradia.

I am learning to listen to the body and see it’s signals of toxicity

Weepy or shaky feeling in the breath

Weakness and trembling in the torso area.

You know that feeling that I’ve got to do or say xxxxx or I’m going to die?

That feeling is my red flag to tend to this toxicity thing in my body and soul.

Deep cleansing breath.

Breathe in the promises of God.  

Breathe out the empty talk of self and the world system.


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