I have been BINGE WATCHING 👀
 Max Lucado, Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick and  Rick Warren.  Desperately.

I realized that a LARGE part of my pain is shame.

 Thank you, lady preacher.  💛 I have cut and pasted the part that the Holy Spirit seemed to zero in on:

Frankly, I think Satan is always the supplier of shame. He doesn’t have the ability to create like God does, and shame is not a created substance. 

It is instead the amalgamation of lies, wounds, offenses, abuse, and fear that make up the detritus of our lives…

What recycled lie or wound from your past has Satan used most often in an attempt to ensnare you in shame? What truth has God given you to combat that lie? What keeps you from consistently applying that truth?  


I need Your help to face these parts of me that are hurting. 

 I don’t have the guts. I’m tired and worn out from hurting about my stuff.  I can’t seem to stay there in my mind long enough to get a WORD from YOU.  It hurts too much.  This has got to be the most slippery slope I’ve been on in awhile.

You know what I want?  To be restored to my joy, and then to turn again and strengthen my peeps.  

Save me Jesus.  You’re my only hope.


Our eyes are on You.  💛

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