Things I love

Fresh strawberries 

Freezer jam.  I can do this by myself from my ♿!  Except pouring it in the jars.

Naptime with my dogs

Those little daisies that grow in every lawn in western Oregon.  I missed those when we lived in Colorado.

Zucchini patches 💛

Getting good and tired, taking a bath, clean pjs and bed.  Aaaahhh.  One of the great joys of life.

Blue, blue sky and distant mountains, and west of that, the sea. 💛

Going for drives with hubby

Cousins and aunts and uncles and summer 

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Big Macs, that sauce and the little chopped onions

Going out for ☕

Honeysuckle and climbing roses 💐

Open air markets

McDonald’s playland

Wildflowers by the side of the road

Basketball hoops in driveways

Kisses and hugs

The way cats curl up and sleep anywhere, with their tails over their noses

Going to the doctor and finding out you haven’t gained any weight

clipping Coupons…POWERful

Bubble Yum, Chicklets or Twinkies

Ice cubes in drinks


New babies

Thank you.  I love You back, God. 💛

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