fifth step–for my fellow grieving moms ðŸ’›

​I’m listening to Jane Austen s Persuasion.

And missing my older kids and feeling sorry for myself, I own.  Thinking that I am like Mary Elliott who is” always fancying herself ill” 

The enemy is probably trying to mess with me there.  I need to be in the present.  Going out to my family.  

I release the past with all of its foolish pride and self interest.  I consider Jesus’ blood to be enough to pay for all my mistakes as a young mom.

I consider these trials to be joy.  They are working God’s holiness and happiness in my family.  That makes me think of a verse.  Just a sec.

I never saw this!  I will not be deceived.  The trials of my life come from above.  They come from GOD who is all shining love and goodness.  

I am not forgotten.

He knows His work.  He sees.  He is paying attention.

I am safe in His hands.

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