Things that make ya go hmmm.

I have been reading a devotional with friends I met online at my YouBible.  


What if (blank) that I am going through is really a gift to help me find my way?  What if pain is my friend? 

 I think that the good life is just beyond whatever I am struggling with.  If I can just get through this grief about (blank), then everything will smooth out. *

But what if another and different trial is scheduled for after I get through this one?  Hmmm.

Solution: change how I think about my trials.

What is my hope anchored to?  

It needs to be something that cannot be messed with by trials.


You’re my one thing.  I can count on YOU.  You are always kind and wise and You know what to do.  

I love You back.

*lysa terkheurst.  “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way”

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