Focus down

I have gotten away from my things I love lists.  Reboot!

It’s important to refocus my mind on all the gifts that God has given me every day.  The little things: they remain; big things may or may not work.  So I focus down.

Turkey with cranberries

Pork with lemon and basil

Potatoes with sour cream and chives

Yogurt with granola and fruit on top


British comedy

Young love and old married couples

Hanging on to something I love and protecting it through a storm…like my marriage.

Pulling weeds in spring-the ground is so soft!  It’s a delight.

Freshly mulched beds

Earl grey, hot


3 responses to “Focus down”

  1. I hope you will keep writing your things I love lists every once in awhile, hon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I love YOU Auntie.
      Thankyou for existing.


    2. I will try. Thanks for the encouragement auntie. 🌻


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