Jane Austen

Ok. I need a Jane Austen break.

Big ole family fight this morning.  Does your family have those?

It started out because our old cat Mr. Tumnus brought THREE mice in to the house and then let them go. Why does he do that??

So adult disabled daughter FREAKED OUT about the mice and started yelling.

son #5 started yelling for her to stop yelling.

son #4 started yelling for them both to stop yelling.

I got up and started yelling at daughter for yelling, son #4 to stop fighting with her, son #5 to stop trying to stop EVERY one from yelling.

Big gnarly mess.

They are sort of calmed down and off to work\school.  

But I think we need counseling.


Jane Austen break.

If I had chocolate, I’d eat some. 

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