From a blog I can’t find now. Good word.

This took a lot of courage, but I had to be mindful and consider if I wanted to be happy in the future or spend my life miserable.  After the relationship had ended, I struggled (and still am struggling) to regain confidence and be myself again.  In the relationship that I was in, my partner didn’t care about who I truly was and wanted me to do only the things he liked.  I slowly felt my personality being drained away.  I soon found that the key to overcoming these obstacles was mindfulness.  

One of the most mindful activities to me is writing, which is something that I have always turned to during difficult times.  Writing allows me to focus on the task at hand and be in the present moment while observing passing thoughts.  

If you know who wrote this, please tell me so I can give proper credit. 💛

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