Things I love

fat, well-hugged Stuffed animals Fluffy mom hugs Giving folks a break when they don’t expect it a Heartfelt, unselfconscious word Baby mammals cats, spiders and garter snakes–the hero guard of the home garden Pools of golden sunshine–with napping cats in ’em Friendly side-hugs  Hydrangeas, phlox and rhododendron Sound of a well-filled, dribbled basketball Hikes andContinue reading “Things I love”

Won’t God heal autoimmune diseases?

It’s PERFECT ly reasonable He’s promised I’ve read of it happening before. Is this like a test for You? It would be so easy for You, God. sigh. Reboot. Trust. Letting go of every single dream I lay each one down at your feet Every moment of the my wandering  Never changers what you see Continue reading “Won’t God heal autoimmune diseases?”

Tough love. Who is this tougher for, kid or parent? Yikes. 💔

​Our oldest son  stormed out at 16 and moved in with another family from his drama club.  He is now 22. I think the time has now come when it would help a fellow human being love their own rebellious adult child or cheating spouse better if I share this.    First of all we needContinue reading “Tough love. Who is this tougher for, kid or parent? Yikes. 💔”

trials: my Undiscovered Country 💚

song that got me thinkin‘ I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. I am rebooting my ❤.   I love my life.  All the wholesome pleasures. They fill up my senses. I focus down on these small delights. Nature’s Miracle.  That stuff is magic.  Dog got sick and left various body fluids in three rooms.  CleanedContinue reading “trials: my Undiscovered Country 💚”