REBOOT .. Connection πŸ’›

 God keeps track of all of our prayers even when we forget them and move on with life.  Don’t you think?

He’s just 😎 like that.

So I had a BIG breakthrough.  πŸ’›

I have learned that grieving is like a bed spring.  Round and round we go though the stages, from strength to strength.

Getting closer to acceptance and peace all the time.

Don’t you agree?

The crux of my particular grief seems to be that i lost mothering times that I should have had.  Mine by right. You know?  But now my kids need separation and individuation.

Something finally made the connection for me.  Sort of like a circuit finally was closed in my ❀.

The upshot of this transaction between me and Him was to really trust Him on a deeper level and give Him all the things I have lost.

 “If only I would have” or “if I could just tell them …”. Is magical thinking.  Remember that from psych classes?  A way that children think about things. 

 I’m ready to leave it behind now I think. 

 I trust all of it to Jesus.  He knows.  He will make it right. πŸ’›

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