hope for the heartbroken :Will I get over this?

Adult children. Ammends. Regrets.  
Ouch.  I canNOT be the only person in recovery to struggle with this stuff.  I think it’s half the reason we relapse!

it seems like we just can’t live with the pain. 💔

I know.  I just lost half my readers.  But that’s what I want.  I came to talk to that one weary, discouraged,  heartsore person who is just going down for the third time with this stuff.

Fish or cut bait.

So What can ya do?  

Throw myself on the mercies of Jesus.   But then what?

Ask forgiveness of my adult children,  of course. And leave it with them.  I can’t make anyone forgive.  I ought to have known that because I know how it feels to be pressured to forgive.

 But then what?

 Many of us in the recovery community have done that and we still can’t get peace.

I think it comes down at that point to

  •  a decision and
  • some exercise.

How did I forgive my offenders? Well, I prayed and asked my Higher Power for help, and decided to let it go.   The feelings came along, but not at first. 

What is NOT possible with me IS possible with God.

Exercise my faith muscles.   At first I Had to just gut it out.  Because the bitterness was eating me alive.  Out of respect for Christ. For just plain survival.

I  believe what Jesus said.  There is a better way.  There is a higher road A happily ever after.🌼

So I know how to do that now.  I feel the peace.  And wisdom.  And life from that daily now.  It’s been ten years.  

But I’ve hit a snag.  I can’t seem to forgive myself.

 so….I have decided that I will apply what I have learned, exercise my faith, and give myself a gift I don’t deserve.

Put my money 💰 where my 👄 is.

Honor the blood of Jesus.  It is ENOUGH. 💛

Exercise my faith in the magical power of God to break every chain and set me free.

With God helping me, I will forgive myself.  No matter how hard it is.  Or how long it takes.  What’s the alternative?  I mean, seriously.

 That’s what.


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