Reboot my heart


 It’s a computer term.  When your computer is glitchy or laggy.

Life is crushingly hard on a regular basis.

 I’m hurting because of my broken relationships with my oldest son and daughter.  My nest feels empty.  Just when I was starting to figure this mothering thing out! It’s too late, and they need separation and individuation, not connection with me.  (My husband reminds me that our three youngest are still at home and need my love.  He is right. May I remember that.)

Someone is reading this blog Jesus whose HEART feels glitchy and laggy.

Speak to that one person who is just going down for the third time among my readers. You know who they are. Sick. Abandoned. Rejected. Heartsore. Just plain exhausted from life.

Give medicine the one whose spirit is 😩 weary and discouraged.

 Speak comfort, God.  Grief is great. 

 You know exactly who we are, Lord.

 Here’s a big hug for us. 💛

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