Reboot: the generation gap. 💛

Okay I want to be careful how I say this.  I have a very eclectic audience between Facebook and my blog. Lotta people with Godhurts or who have been disenfranchised there, and some have understandably given up the whole darn thing as humbug.  And that needs to be okay.  It is what it is, right?  💛 

Contrariwise, a lotta folks with VERY firm ideas about God, who’ve made mistakes, lived to tell about it, and learned wisdom the hard way. And that’s as it should be too. God help us all.

The reason I wrote this entry: I want to address a cultural problem we have.  Really, I ask God to help me speak aright. 

Some pretty unloving, crazy-making thinking has happened under the “God” banner since 1900 or so in our sweet country. I mean, right? 

 I want to adress life as it is, not as I think it should be.  

However, let’s not throw the 🚼 out with the 🛁.

  There is still a Higher Power who insists on things being right and true and lovely.  

We are so prone to extremes, and reacting out of a painful tangle with the opposite fault.  
Balance. Reasoned right responses.  We need ’em.

Father, You know the things I’m talking about, and I know you hate being  misrepresented.  Help me to say this well.

some of the people I care for are doing things that they know are foolish, and then they pretend that their Higher Power doesn’t exist, because they don’t want to feel guilty about it.  Then we all tend to avoid and judge people who remind us of stuff we don’t like about ourselves. 

But that about sums it up doesn’t it?  The generation gap.

And us older and more experienced folks have Very little control. We made our mistakes and now they get to make theirs. And we pray.  And we chew our fingernails.  I hate that.  Messes with my zen.

There’s got to be a better way.
Let me reframe that next-to-last statement, therefore: we GET to stand back and watch God work His miracle of life and kindness and freedom.  and be awesome.  And wonderful. Like He is.💛

That’s what I’m thankful to be a part of.

“the wisdom that comes from God is first utterly pure, then peaceloving, gentle, approachable, full of tolerant thoughts and kindly actions, with no breath of favoritism or hint of hypocrisy and the one wise are peacemakers who go on quietly sowing for a harvest of righteousness in other people and in them selves. James 317 and 18


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